Keep a Clean Ice Machine…Or Pay the Price

During our recent social media campaigns, we noticed a few harrowing tales related to ice machines. Some were more drastic than others, but all included the ice machine in one way or another. The occasional ice overflow was seen a few times. Others took to Twitter simply to complain that the bin door knocked them on the head again. There were a few issues that were a lot more serious however. Whether you believe it or not, there are many health inspectors that work within the foodservice industry, and they are also very active on Twitter. Following their tweets, we found reports of mold in ice machines, slime buildup in ice machines, and unsanitary ice machines in bars and restaurants – and all of them cited the restaurant in question directly, or included a link to an article that did so. This meant that all of the restaurant’s followers were also immediately made aware of the unsanitary conditions.

Ice Machine Slime and Mold Tweets (blacked out sources, restaurants)While we included some of the tweets from health officials and newspapers, we want to note just how damning these issues can be to your business. With the use of hash tags (#) and the ability to reference someone directly (@), your business can be put under by one or two of these negative reviews. You can see by one of these tweets that one establishment has had repeat offenses of slime and mold in their ice machine. With the ability of a post to go viral in seconds, one bad report can ruin your restaurant’s reputation. The best way to prevent your downfall? Keep your restaurant’s appliances and equipment clean and sanitary to avoid these issues, especially your ice machine!

Down in Seconds

If you’ve seen any of the thousands of videos featuring the cute kitten sneezing or the dancing baby online, you know how fast the internet can make or break someone’s reputation. The same works in the business world. A health inspector may tell ten people on Twitter. One of them may be a lover of the restaurant in question. He takes to Facebook and tells 500 friends. One of them works of a local news station, and they pick up the story… and the proverbial wheels begin to turn . Within days, your restaurant may be vacant, even if you’ve worked to correct the problem. It takes time to sway peoples’ overreactions and emotional responses back to the trust and love they once felt for you and your business.

Preventative Maintenance

So, what’s the easiest way to minimize the catastrophic effects Twitter, Facebook, and the internet in general can have on your business? Well, preventative maintenance helps greatly. By running your ice machine’s cleaning cycle when it is necessary and changing the water filter every six months, you can greatly reduce the chance that your ice machine will fall victim to slime or mold buildup or early failure. Sanitation and cleanliness extend far beyond your ice machine however- every appliance in your establishment should be cleaned regularly and meticulously. These things should not be done simply to pass a health inspection, but with the safety and satisfaction of your customers in mind as well.

Dirty, Rust, Slime, Mold in Ice MachineIn recent months and years, social media has realized a great influx of users. This has made information more readily available, and we now experience breaking news in real time. By the time the “news” actually reaches a news desk, it’s hardly “news” at all anymore. Don’t let your bar or restaurant receive a negative review because slime and mold is building up on your ice machine. Clean and service your ice machine regularly or you will inevitably end up paying for the neglect. We have a variety of ice machine cleaners, cleaning systems, and water filters to ensure your ice machine performs at the highest possible levels at all times, thus ensuring reliable ice production and high quality ice at all times.

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  1. Sheila D. McCutcheon says:

    Where do I get an owner’s manual for a Model B322S, Serial 11061320016249

    • alexg says:

      Hi Sheila, do you need the owner’s manual for the actual ice machine head? There is no owner’s manual for the storage bin, but we can get you a manual for the ice making head.

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