Tall, Slim, and Productive? Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH is a Super Model

What more could you possibly want from an ice machine? Hoshizaki’s high quality crescent ice is visible in a variety of different restaurants. The next time you go out to any foodservice establishment – from a fast food joint to a high class restaurant – take a look at the ice in the cup or glass. More than likely, you will observe Hoshizaki’s crescent cube floating in your beverage. The reasons for this go beyond the quality of Hoshizaki’s ice. Hoshizaki’s ice machines, especially the KM-600MAH, are some of the most reliable around, and with this model from the Hoshizaki’s Slim Line, the advantages have never been greater.

We have said much about Hoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator plate and the way it produces ice more consistently in high temperatures. A big enough deal has been made about how Hoshizaki’s ice is perfect for use in soft drinks and mixed drinks. It is ideally shaped, so a great amount of it can be fit in any glass or container, and its hard, slow-melting properties make it great for cooling drinks quickly without watering them down. The KM-600MAH adds just another wrinkle to the fold, as it measures only 22 inches wide. An ice machine this slim can fit almost anywhere you require ice in your business.

Size matters much in our everyday lives.  We purchase larger cars to handle adverse weather conditions, and smaller cell phones and music players to fit better in our pockets. When it comes to restaurant appliances, smaller tends to be better, especially if production is not sacrificed. While Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH measures less than two feet wide, it can still produce nearly 600 pounds of crescent ice on a daily basis. With production rates like this, the KM-600MAH makes a great fit in the average to above average sized restaurant. If your business continues to grow, or you require more ice, the KM-600MAH can be placed side by side with another ice machine for double the ice production.

Hoshizaki KM-600MAH Ice Machine on Optional BinNot only does Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH save space for your establishment, but it also will help save you money. The KM-600MAH is equipped with some of the latest advances in Hoshizaki’s ice machine technology. The CycleSaver Design allows this unit to produce the same amount of ice as other ice machines, but it does so while cycling less often per hour. This means the KM-600MAH operates using less energy in the ice making process. The EverCheck System monitors the ice machine’s performance and provides audible alerts if any problems arise. With all of these money and energy saving features, the KM-600MAH has clearly earned its ENERGY STAR qualification.

The Hoshizaki KM-600MAH provides many benefits and advantages over the competition, and it’s no surprise that Hoshizaki’s ice machines are so wildly popular. The KM-600MAH is just another high quality ice machine produced by Hoshizai. Its slim stature and reliable ice production are just a couple of the qualities that make Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH a true super model.

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